“Audentis fortuna iuvat”

“Fortune favors the bold”. I live and breathe by that quote when it comes to speaking, writing, or presenting your opinions and thoughts. No one made an impact by sugar-coating things, not sharing their thoughts and feelings, or being afraid to speak on what they believe in. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a wide open book and have an opinion on nearly everything. Im not a huge talker, but I can write for days, and I’m constantly being asked what my thoughts on things are (Politics, religion, relationship, fitness, education, anything that relates to me in any way, shape, or form). So here we are, blogging. Im not one to stick to one specific topic, so I’m not going to promise that. Ill more than likely write about whats relevant that day, or a topic I had a conversation about. Maybe it’ll be something about political views, maybe you’ll hear about being an Army girlfriend and the weird quirks you adjust to, maybe you’ll hear about dogs and cats.. Again, I can’t promise a specific type of writing, or that you’ll like them all.

Now for a little background on me for those that don’t know (ya, its kind of necessary to know the person you’re reading) ;

Im from a nice little neighborhood in Huntsville, AL. I grew up in a medical district with great schools, and moved at 14, to a town who’s entire population was the same amount as all of the people in my old high school. That was a reality check. That was the first time i ever experienced a generally low income, small town. I didn’t make friends, and people didn’t like me right off the bat. Why would they? They allergy up together, and I was from a fast paced, big city. I didn’t “fit”. Fast forward to my sophomore year of high school.. I decided that SINCE I had (literally) zero friends, I would work my ass off, double up on all my classes, and graduate a year early. You’d think the staff at my high school would encourage that, and help as much as they could, but I was told by several teachers/staff members that I would not be able to.. I walked across the stage at a young 16, with a high school diploma in hand, and my first 4 college classes lined up, and ready to start two weeks later. I may be a lot of things, but dumb was never one of them. I gladly told them all, “I told you so”, as soon as I could without any repercussions.  Here I sit now, about to finish up my first degree, of 3 (God willing). Im a psychology major, with a big dream of being a federal K9 officer. I know, it sounds funny.. A 5’4, 130 pound little girl, wanting to control a 100+ pound dog, on the streets playing cop (sorry mom). Ive proven that when I want to do something, Its going to be done, even if you think its unrealistic.

Im dating an incredible man.. He keeps me happy and grounded. If we are being honest, I always thought being an “army girlfriend” was ridiculous. I never in a million years saw myself falling for the guy who deploys across the world for more than half a year at a time, comes home with the kind of stress you can’t just “talk out”, and has an interesting set of military instilled quirks that as an every day civilian, you just really don’t get… But my God, did I fall hard and fast.. I fell hard and fast for an honest, hard working, and strong soldier, that I couldn’t be more proud to stand next to. (Even when I want to kill him for his insistence that nothing really causes pain, and the word “ow”, gets me a ready to kill look.)

I love animals. Pitbulls specifically. This isn’t a new fact. I adopted a rescued bait dog nearly 3 years ago, who recently passed away. That dog was my driving force for so many things. One day, I hope to have my own shelter for abused, abandoned, and “given up on” dogs and cats. Ladybug was also the reason I decided to go into law as a career. You CANNOT bitch and whine about something, and not put forth effort of your own to change it. For me, It was how lightly animal abuse is punished. A slap on the wrist is not enough, and I want to be behind the push for that change. I got a kitten three months ago, as part of a spur of the moment trip to the animal shelter. Her name is Abby, and we fell in love with each other as soon as I picked her up out of the litter. She has extra toes on all 4 paws, so she is now branded as the kitten wif da mittens. They said if I had not adopted her, she probably wouldn’t have been adopted, or would have been adopted as a chew toy or bait. THAT is why I have a soft spot for animals and their safety.

I think I’ve answered every question that could be answered about my person. I rambled a bit, told you about what I love, gave you my back story.. You know me now.

Tune in for more words, and things of that nature.




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