The problem with the, “round em up, and deport em all”method; as said by a straight ticket Republican.

I vote straight ticket right, but often find myself sitting with very liberal views on the decisions being made. Trust me, I know,”You can’t do that”. YA OK I GET IT.

The idea of deporting anyone and everyone who is not a citizen of the United States has been on my mind heavily lately. In a lot of the cities/areas I’m in, I’m often surrounded by Non-English speaking people, which gives me two different views. There is a very conservative view, as well as a more liberal view. Let me start with opinions, and get those out of the way, then we can discuss facts.

  • It drives me UP A WALL not knowing what people are saying, and getting stared at like I have 12 heads while attempting to communicate in English.
    • FACT; Its a thing, we all get irritated by not being able to communicate in our tongue, including them.
  • If you have been in the country for 25 years, there is no reason you could not go through legalization.
    • FACT; that is a long process and easier said than done.
  • As a white female, Ive experienced nothing but absolute, 110% respect from almost every single HISPANIC man I’ve come into contact with, compared to men of almost all other races. Not to say “every other race is bad!!!”, but that is what I’ve experienced. Argue, please do. I know when I’m being cat called, compared to when I’m being respectfully looked at and talked to.
  • I respectfully disagree with President Trump in his statement that, “all Mexicans are rapists”.
    • FACT; He actually did say that.
  • Also, I, nor you, would enjoy being ripped from your home that you’ve been in your ENTIRE life, just because you spent your first 15 days of your life in another country.
    • If I was born in Russia, but lived in America my entire life, I sure as shit would not want to be shipped back to Russia.

Now that I’ve gone over my views, and you know how I sit with the topic, lets get into some facts.

First and most importantly, you must understand gaining a “legal immigrant” status in the United States is not as easy as filling out some paperwork, and waiting for your “YOU’RE A CITIZEN!” card to come in the mail. Immigration to the United States is often only accepted for employment, family connections, or humanitarian protection (temporary). Most illegal immigrants just don’t have the required family or employment, and access to a humanitarian (refugee/asylum) visa is very difficult to come by. Lets talk about that deeper, just to answer any questions you may have. A legal family member in the United States can get permission to bring in CERTAIN eligible foreign family members.. Summed up? U.S. citizens can petition for their spouses, parents, children, and siblings. Lawful Permanent Residents (“green card holders”) can only petition for their spouses and unmarried children. IN BOTH CASES, the petitioning family member in the United States has to prove an income level above the poverty line (For a family of 4, this is $24,6000)  to “support the family member they are seeking to bring to the United States”. It becomes a task just to meet all the specific guidelines the United States has put into place, especially considering 43 MILLION American born citizens are still sitting under the poverty line. This brings me to my next point, and I know we have all heard it before.

“THEY’RE COMING OVER AND STEALING ALL OF OUR JOBS!” You mean the jobs wouldn’t get done by an American citizen because they bitch about minimum wage not being $15 an hour, and surely wouldn’t be fine laboring for $6 an hour? Oh yeah, all those jobs being “stolen”.

Nearly half of all workers ages 18 to 64 without a high school diploma are immigrants, many of those people are unauthorized and do not speak English, or speak it very broken. Because of this, they tend to work in different fields than a United States born citizen, meaning the jobs are often jobs that require very little in terms of interpersonal relationships, education, and licensing.The number of United States born workers with no college education has declined by 5 million just since 2007, and that means fewer people are competing for the jobs that have very LOW requirements. Now if you’re still with me, THIS MEANS; Immigrants are replacing uneducated citizens because more people are getting educated, they’re not STEALING jobs. Its a win for everyone.

Lets talk economics.. Immigrants increase the supply of labor, and also increase the demand for it. Simplified? Using the money they earn, they rent/buy housing, buy food, and spend money on luxury items. There are more jobs available building homes, selling food, giving haircuts, selling computers, selling cars,etc. Rather it is me spending $14 dollars at Panera Bread, or a hispanic woman spending $14 at the same place, its contributing to someones paycheck.  “Logically, if immigrants were ‘stealing’ jobs, so would every young person leaving school and entering the job market; countries should become poorer as they get larger.”(Adam Davidson, New York Times)

As said by a 90% conservative white female; calm down with your theories on deporting anyone who’s brown, look at facts, and consider a new way of thinking.



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