What they don’t tell you about military relationships 

Let me preface this whole post by saying this; I met the man of my dreams, and I don’t have a doubt in my mind about that. When we started dating, I already knew he was deploying. I will wait, and I will follow him across the country and beyond it, just to support him and his career unconditionally, because he would do/does the same for me. (For someone who hates cops, he sure is willing to marry a future LEO ;)) 

I was one of those people who saw military relationships as nothing more than “oh my god look how cute they are! I bet they have a great relationship!” When I saw all the cute pictures of him/her in uniform with their significant other. I mean how romantic, how out of the “normal” couple mold. It’s appealing. 

Surprise, 90% of the time, that’s my reality. Dating a soldier is literally EVERYTHING you could imagine, plus some. He’s kind, he’s gentle with me but rough to the world, he’s patient, he’s structured. 

Here’s what no one wants to tell you;

• There are several, semi unexpected, long days.. It’s 9:00 pm as I write this, siting by the stove, making myself dinner, and setting his aside to cook when he calls to tell me he’s on his way home. (You heard it correctly, he’s not home yet.. He left at 6:30 this morning.) 

• You will end up with pen ink and snags on your clothes, as well as half dry clothes from sticking his uniform in the washer with a load of normal clothes, because you weren’t thinking about separating them. You also find random patches stuck to yourself, your clothes, and your couches. 

• It is more than, “just one weekend a month”. 

• Camo will take over the house. Quickly. It spreads. *One green sock here, one boot here, pants over there, oh look the other green sock 3 rooms over, oh boy.. where is his other patch??* (This is partially from our cats.) 

• He will be irritable as hell when he gets home from a 14 hour day. Learning not to be an asshole back is the hardest part about it. 

• What’s a routine? 

• Keeping your schedule, + his, becomes normal. May as well use a pencil though, because it’s going to change 10 times before the event actually happens. 

Worth it? Hell yes.

 I fall more in love with Lt. Phillips daily, even if he has *unknowingly* destroyed leggings 😉 


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